Our beef:

  •  Locally grown
  •  Hormone free
  •  100% vegetarian diet
  •  Source-verified from birth
  •  Uses proven Black Angus Genetics
  •  Humane Animal Treatment

What’s available:

Grain-Fed Beef · Grass-Fed Beef · Whole Beef · A Side of Beef · Quarter of Beef

Deposits are required at the time of ordering in the amount of $100 per quarter
which will be credited to the final bill.

Price per each quarter is $550 due after processing, but before pickup.
Price does include cut and wrap. No other fees will be required.

Where Quality is a Family Tradition.

Alan &Melissa Bridges
Leigh Anne, Callie and Phillip

In August 2005, my brother Alan and I purchased our grandfather’s Historic Angus Cow Herd, Bridges Angus Farm, LLC. The farm was designated this honor by the American Angus Association after 60 years of continual production. We learned early on from our grandfather, Ralph Bridges , that if we wanted to make our cattle worth more, then we had to increase the demand for our cattle. This begins with beef quality and increased beef consumption.

We use only the most proven genetics for tenderness and taste. These genetics have been time tested and developed by using leading technology and more than 100 years of combined knowledge. So, after continued request for freezer beef from our family members and neighbors, we recognized the demand for our beef. It was only then that The Georgia Beef Company was born.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a enjoyable and healthy eating experience. The Georgia Beef Company only markets Black Angus Cattle born and raised in Georgia, so our beef is not only the highest quality, but it is also the freshest beef available for our local clientele. Our commitment is to produce the finest Premium Farm Raised Black Angus Beef. Guaranteed to please the most discriminating palate.

Our beef is special custom ordered and then produced to meet each customers needs and demands. The Georgia Beef Co. is proud to say all of our beef is healthy and delicious!

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